Join us in creating our own bit of history in the era of the digital renaissance by becoming one of the best casino projects to launch a utility-focused NFT project.



A collection of 10,000 unique apes generated algorithmically with proof of ownership on the Solana blockchain with a focus on utility. Sin City Apes are based on the SOL standard that underlies a lot of digital collectible and utility projects.

NFT technology grants holders trust in authenticity when it comes to their NFT. We wanted to enter the NFT market to utilize the technology that NFTs offer to users rather than using NFTs just for art. We plan on utilizing smart contracts, the blockchain, cryptocurrency, decentralized infrastructure, and much more benefits from NFT technology.

The Sin City Apes NFT project will have various casino wager benefits based on how much you wager through us, and the value of your NFT. We will have Rakeback from 10%-80%, Daily cashback, Weekly cashback, Monthly cashback, Annual cashback, Wager loss cashback, Level up bonuses, and Account reloads. The Sin City Ape NFTs can furthermore grant you V.I.P. access into high level lounges, backstage passes to company events, NFT Staking, NFT Loans, Renting out your NFT, DAO Funds, and much more.

We are creating our own bit of history in the era of the digital renaissance by becoming one of the first casinos to launch a utility-focused NFT project.


Our plans moving forward into 2023

Phase 01
MINT Sin City Apes
Immediately after the official public MINT of the Sin City Ape NFT, all utility will be released to the holders immediately. This will include The Apina casino with holder benefits, private casino metaverse, staking, DAO Fund, White list marketplace, Data tools, V.I.P access, courses, Alpha Alliance, NFT merging, and many more!
After the mint, we will immediately start the process of the Roadmap with the DAO.
Phase 02
Sin City Ape NFT Accessory Projects
In the future we want to give Sin City Ape holders the ability to add other accessories onto their NFT to customize their own Ape. We will be creating and minting multiple accessory projects including shoes, pants, coats, shirts, more hats, and many more like it to come in the future.
Phase 03
Release of the first APINA Pals project
$APINA Pals will essentially enable you to turn a large amount of $APINA into a new NFT. It can be a new Sin City ape accessory NFT, or it can be a “crossbreed” NFT that links you to a project that is partnering with us closely. In the latter case, you will then gain additional utility from that project. In both cases, you can of course choose to sell that NFT whenever you want.
Phase 04
NFT Marketplace
In our marketplace, we aim to become a more user-friendly platform with an extraordinary amount of different blockchain developments, including ETH, Solana, Polygon, Cardano, XRP and more! Our marketplace will have a wide variety of different perks, goods, and more!
Phase 05
Our team wants to make everything easier for the user, so we are working on the development of a mobile app platform where the user can have all of the utility of their Sin City Ape be accessible and easy to use at any moment. This platform will also allow a easier user interface and give us the ability to have separate VIP group chats and many more!
Phase 06
Player vs player Metaverse/Online games wager platform
We realize that users want to become a high roller and bet on themselves by setting their own rate of pay and showing the world you have the skills required to take on the best. Our challenges offer a vast array of customizations you can use to make sure you are playing the match type you feel most accurately displays your skillset. We want to give a platform where users can wager other people in various different games. We also want to integrate this into the Metaverse where users can 1 vs 1 box other users, do metaverse shooting games, and many other games as well.

Andrew Allen

Head administration | Oversees all operations | Manager of strategic partnerships

Ling Chen

Lead of website development team | Metaverse engineer | Blockchain engineer

Luis Patel

Head NFT artist | Oversees art operations | Assists in Metaverse creation

James Polster

Level 5 Entrepreneur /  Casino Manager / Investment Analyst / MBA

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Sin City Apes® launch?

November 1st for OG Passes.

What will the price be at launch?

Presale: 3 SOL
Whitelist sale: 7 SOL
Public sale: 10 SOL

How do I get a Sin City Ape®?

OG passes come on a first come first serve basis. If you get whitelisted, you can buy in the presale otherwise you can buy in the public sale. When we are sold out you will be able to get one on the secondary market on Opensea or on our personal marketplace.

How to earn a Whitelist spot?

Follow our social medias to stay up to date. We will giveaway some whitelist spots on our Twitter and Instagram. For further questions, please go to our Discord.

I got a discount in my DM. Is this real?

No. We will not DM you, please avoid malicious DM links!

When will the NFT Collection drop?

The 1,000 NFT drop for OG members is live! After that drop, we will continue with the next 4,000 NFT drop for the white lists spots then the final 5,000 NFTs will drop for public sale!

Is the WL role permanent?

No. Not abiding to Discord member rules will get you penalized.

Can I be a mod?

Perhaps. When we continue to expand, we will need more mods. Please send us a message on discord and we will go through some steps. 

If I got a business proposal, who should I contact?

Start a ticket in our discord.

What is the best way to stay up to date with Sin City Apes?

Follow our social medias to keep up to date and join our Discord!